In 2016, after a failed marriage four years prior,  I was engaged to what I thought was a great guy.

Wait… I admit, I knew he had issues, but I managed to snag him! WHOO HOO!!!! Yes I did… by keeping my mouth shut about his issues and ignoring all of the red flags. His need for female validation, female friends (whom he had slept with pretty much all of them), weird comments about stuff because he LOVED to talk about himself, and commitment fears coupled with a need to control how things happened should have all been HUGE glaring red flags!  Many of us women ignore these and end up in less that ideal situations, don’t we?

In some ways I dodged a huge bullet by having the engagement broken. But my heart was flattened….

This blog isn’t about that relationship however, it’s about life after it. It’s been three months since and I’m starting to think about dating again. Inspiration came from a dear friend when I was talking out my flat mouth about how when you’re single again, all the men from the past seem to slither out of the woodwork. Why not document that??? As they say, they all come back… and I plan on meeting a few new ones as well.

…..and maybe, maybe one day I’ll meet the man who will appreciate my defects and flatness and will cause me to want to be whole again…